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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Fanning Christmas

On Dec. 17th we spent the day at my parents celebrating Christmas with my three sisters and their families. My Sister Chris, her Husband Sam and my nephew (and Godson) Billy came down from Coleman for the day. My sister Vicky and her kids, Holly, Alicia, and Kellen ( also my Godson) came in from G.R. And last but not least my Sister Elizabeth and my niece Rebekah came from Rockford, just down the road really. Missing where her husband Nick and my other niece Isabella, who was home with the flu. Good food and family are always a wonderful part of the holidays. Here are a couple of pictures. One of course being Madilyn at her first Fanning Christmas party. Another is of my two eldest nieces Holly on the left and Alicia on the Right. Last is of Maddie and her Uncle Sam.