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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Vegas BABY!!!

We got home from Las Vegas on Thursday and well...I'm just now able to be awake long enough to type up a post!! :) No....really, we had a wonderful time and have some fun memories that will last a life time. A big thanks goes out to Thom and Betty Rosely for inviting Tom, Dan and Jamie to be a part of the Oxford Golf Pro/Am golf tournament. All thought they didn't win the whole thing, they had a great time and learned so much. Tom and I also want to send thanks to Dad and Mom Hosford for the trip. :) We had a BLAST!!! Lots of fun in the sun and great drinks. ;)

Maddie had so much fun back home, she is STILL talking about all of her "friends". :) She spent time with Uncle Jay, Aunt JoJo and Thys. Uncle Adam, Aunt Melissa and Jackson. Had dinner with Uncle Austin and Aunt K.K. and then stayed with Papa and Grandma Fanning. Lots of places and lots of F.U.N.!!!! Thank you all for taking such great care of our sweetie. We know she is loved very much.

Here are some great pictures from our trip. The shots of "the strip" were from our room window. :D Love that view!!! I especially love the one of Mom and Dad walking hand-in-hand. :D