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Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Best Day to be a Mom!!

What a wonderful day to be a Mom.

This was my first official Mothers Day and it was just great! Sleeping in....a great breakfast....Flowers... Gotta love it. :) Tom also gave me a book that should help me with a computer program I'm working with. ( I know...nerd...) You really can't count Photoshop as a NERD computer program...Melissa & James, thoughts??? :) I can't wait to dive in, start creating and this book will help me a great deal. So thank you Maddie and Tom. :)

We went to my parents this afternoon, to wish my Mom a happy Mothers Day and had a wonderful prime rib dinner. Always a spectacular meal when my Dad cooks. I only wish I got half of his cooking skills. :) We then went over to Tom's parents and wished Grandma Hosford, Great-Grandma Hosford and Great-Grandma Snellink a happy Mothers Day. Maddie Loves her Grandma's that's for sure. She can't get enough hugs and kisses.

We would like to wish Happy Mothers Day to all the special women our lives...all the new Mom's this year ( we know a few) :) and all the new Mothers to be. ( especially Aunt Tracy) It is the most wonderful thing that any women can do, to give life and unconditional love.