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Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Night at the Symphony

On Friday night Tom and I took Maddie to her very first Grand Rapids Symphony. What a big girl!!! I grew up going to the symphony and have always enjoyed it. Tom has really come apprecate and enjoy the arts just as much as I do, and we really want to share them with our children. The Grand Rapids Symphony put on a Disney themed performance where they played compilations from different Disney Movies. They showed clips of the movies on a huge screen along with the music, which was so great. Maddie absolutely LOVED it and was such a good girl. We actually stayed for the entire performance! We are so proud of her for acting like such a little lady. I think she was most excited about dressing up in her Cinderella costume and getting to wear it. :) There were lots of little girls all dressed up as their favorite princess, which was so sweet. I think one the most enjoyable parts of the evening for me was seeing the expressions of the elderly people when they saw these little girls. They simple lit up. :) Everyone is truly a kid at heart.