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Friday, May 29, 2009

Man...where does the time go!

So, I am a huge blog slacker! Geesh........

We have had quite a busy month. We officially put our house on the market. Here's hoping we will sell this summer and be in a new house by the time school starts. I will say one thing about putting your house up for keep it clean!! :)

Maddie had her last day of preschool in the beginning of May and misses her friends. :) I can't believe she will be four next week! Time is going to fast if you ask me. She has her dance recital in two weeks and is so excited to dance for everyone on "Daddy's stage." They perform at the High School. So cute. We can't wait!!

Cru is smiling all the time and really getting strong. He is almost 3 months now...again, time is flying. He is sleeping pretty good, about 7 hours a night. I know...that's "through the night" but I like 10! LOL!! Selfish...

Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful spring weather!! Cross your fingers and say a prayer that we sell our house.