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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rest in peace Grandpa

Tom's Grandpa Hosford passed away early this morning. These past few weeks have been ups and downs for him and he is finally at peace. He has lived one heck of an 80 year life. I have never heard or seen anyone work as hard as that wonderful man. The stories of his life are those of hard times and many great times. He worked at and owned Mutual Auto Parts for decades. In fact he worked there at least one day a week up until last year. He loved it and wouldn't have stopped working but his health just couldn't hold up. He was also one of the most generous men I have had the honor of knowing. He would give you the shirt of his back if you needed it.

He called all of us girls "dolly". :) I thought for years he didn't even know my name, because he always called me "dolly", but then I found out that he called all of his grand-girls "dolly". There are MANY grand and great-grand girls I might add. :) When he was admitted to the hospital a few years ago, Tom and I went up to visit him and the doctor asked him which one of the twins Tom was and he said "Oh, that's Tom and his sweetheart Lauren." I almost cryed. :)

Many people loved him and called him a friend...
Grandpa you will be missed greatly. Sleep well Gramps...