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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Just Play'n

Maddie and I spent a lot of time outside today, just because it was a beautiful fall day. :) One of these shots I asked her where her Dada was, and she peeked around the house to see if he was home. :) So sweet.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Eric Clapton Concert...WOW...All I can say.

Well, no that's not all I can all know me. :) On Thursday Jaime
(my wonderful Father-in-law) took "his girls" to the Eric Clapton concert at the Van Andle Arena. Gloria, Jaime, Tracy, Katie, Kellie and myself got to see one of the greatest. It was absolutely amazing!!! One of the best concerts I have ever had the opportunity to see, from awesome seats. There are always songs you wish were played, but when you are choosing from dozens of songs, not all can be played I guess. :) I called Tom ( who was pouting at home) when Wonderful Tonight came it was our wedding song. :) He of course was happy, but I caught a bit of envy in his tone...not sure...:) Here a few shots from the night. I wish more had turned out from the show. Thank you too Jaime and Gloria for a wonderful night! I think even Gracie in her mama's belly enjoyed it. :)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Zoo Fun!!

Maddie had another great day at the zoo. This time she went with her Aunt K.K., Uncle Austin and Aunt Kellie. She always has such a wonderful time with her two Aunts and Uncle Austin is just the best. :) You can see here that Madilyn and Austin got a little tuckerd out after their long day. Thanks you guys for being such fantastic family!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Such a big girl.

I just wanted to post about how much our little girl is growing up. Of course we call can see how big she is getting, but I'm speaking of how much she is changing on the inside. She is getting quite the little personality. She is talking up a storm lately. Words, from Mama, Dada of course to Duck (quack quack) to Papa and Geema (grandma). Nigh Nigh when she's ready for bed and bye bye and walking to the door when it's time to go somewhere. She is also feeling so much more...Crying when someone leaves like Grandma or my sister Liz and if someone's hurt she gets sad. Her continual growth is just amazing to us.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Way to go RAMS!

Congratulations Rockford Rams on a great victory Friday night. We had a great time watching the Rockford WHOOP Holland. :) Here is Maddie getting ready for her first Rockford football game of the season. She proudly wore # 49 on her cheek, in support for Brogin Bibler.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Long Time no See Ladies!!

This past weekend I was able to catch up with Erinn and Andrea, some friends that I have had for YEARS. How many, would date us....and we are getting older and older it seems. :) Ok, so it's been about...HOLY CRAP ( I just counted in my head) 18+ years. Geeesh ladies!! We have been through fights, dance routines, trips, and many laughs. We had drinks on Saturday night and then lunch at Blue Water on Sunday. It was so wonderful to see them and catch up. Maddie joined us for lunch on Sunday. Erinn is the blonde (a new and cute look by the way Erinn!) and Annie is the redhead. :) Love you ladies!!