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Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Chritsmas Season Pictures

Due to our Computer DRAMA, I am going to post a SLUE of pictures. Bare with me...there are tons. I just couldn't pick a couple, sorry. Some of my favorite are Maddie putting out the carrots for Santa's reindeer, Gracie getting smoohes from Landon, Maddie getting hugs from G.G. Snellink, Maddie coming down the stairs Christmas morning and...well some sweet cheeks. :) She asked Santa ( who was at Great Northern in Down Town Rockford and FANTASTIC by the way) for a fish for Christmas. Santa delivered, and we are now proud owners of "Nemo" (surprise with the name, I know). :) She says 'Hi nemo' every morning. :)

We hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Holiday!! See you all in the New Year!!