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Monday, June 04, 2007

Maddie's Second (Minnie Mouse) Birthday Party!!

Maddie was our sweet little Minne Mouse for her second Birthday Party. She was all smiles and loved seeing all her family and friends. Her actual Birthday is on June 7th ( and she'll tell ya so too!). We celebrated with a grill out and some cake. :) Tom was the grill master in the poring rain and did a great job. Thanks Tom for the yummy grub. Maddie received so many wonderful gifts but just could understand why she couldn't play with one when she opened it. We did a re-opening in the house after everyone left and it was like she got them all over again!! Thank you so much everyone, you are all WAY too generous.

Awww!! She just walked to the door and asked to see her party and GG, Papa and Grandma. She thinks everyone is out in the garage. How sweet.

Look at that cake face!! YUMMY! Thanks Melissa for the great shot!!

YEH!! presents for ME!!!!!!! Thanks Melissa for the great shot!!

Spin, Spin, Spin!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Melissa for the great shot!!

Yummy cake. She just had to try it first! :) Thanks Melissa for the great shot!!

The Hosford clan :) Obviously our dear friend Melissa helped me by taking a lot of great shots!! So, last time... Thanks Melissa for these great shots!!

What would a Birthday Party be without the Grandparents!!

Two pictures here. One is of Maddie, Grandma Hosford and G.G. Snellink. The other is of my lovely sisters. :) Vicky, Chris and Elizabeth. Thank you all for coming!!!

Lastly, but not the least what so ever ( in fact I saved my favorite until that last) :) is a picture that TOM took. Yes, TOM took this! I love it so much!! He said and I quote " I tried to capture the essence of innocence." I am not kidding, that is what he said. :) God I love my husband!!! :)