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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just Dance'n

Maddie was in the mood to dance...after two and a half days of absolute FLU. I'm saying a 48 hour bug, but I'm no doctor. Temp. of 102.5 and toss'n her cookie's...but only for two days. After laying around for almost three day's she was in the mood to let it loose. We put on the digital music 80's channel (per MOM) and let it go. She was dance'n and all of a sudden she stopped...turned to me and said "Mom...I just CAN'T dance with these Pj's on!!." So she took them off and put her "Princess shoes, aka white dress shoes" on and went to town. We danced to Madonna, WHAM! and the Beastie Boys. It was sooooo much fun!! Apparently she is gifted in the left leg... ;) I just HAD to share our fun time with you all.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and SAFE TRAVELS for all you leaving the area.