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Sunday, July 01, 2007


I wanted to post a quick update on Papa Hosford. Indeed the tumor removed was cancer. But it's OUT, so that's really all that matters. There were no other spots found on the MRI, so he is now cancer free! We couldn't be happier. Now what is keeping him at the hospital is his blood. They must get his Cumitin (blood thinners) levels to 'normal' or between 2-3. They were at zero yesterday, so he was told a stay until Wednesday is the plan. Of course Dad is getting a bit restless, being stuck in one room. That leads me to the next thing. Tom and I are bringing this laptop up for him to use until he gets home. That will at least get him back in the tech world a bit. :) So, unless I pop on my parents computer to post; this will be that last one for a little while. He needs this more than we do. :)

Love and huge thanks to you all.

Little sweetie

Madilyn is now asking "what is this Mommy?" and "Ooooo that is sooo cute".

But our favorite saying right now is " Hi Daddy, How ya do'n Daddy?" and when he replies with 'Great how are you Maddie', she will say "Fine thank you." HA! She's something else.

Talk, talk, talk. All the time. :) It's so fun.