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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Binder Park Zoo

Maddie had quite the day today. My Mom, Sister Liz, and nieces Rebekah and Isabella took her the Binder Park Zoo. There she experienced something that not every kido does...she got a kiss from a giraffe. :) It looks like a REALLY cool zoo, and somewhere we are definitely going to have to visit again. Thanks Aunt Liz, Grandma, Bekah and Issy!!

Spending Time With GG. :)

On Sunday, my Mom, Maddie and myself went to Mt. Pleasant to visit my Grandmother. Madilyn calls her GG and said "HI GG" when we got there, that I think made my Grandma's day for sure. :) My cousins Ben and Laura stopped in with their two kids, Andrew and Catherine. The kids played in the back yard and wore themselves right out. Wore us out too! :) It was wonderful seeing my Grandma, she is such an inspiration to me. She will be turning 89 in October and she is still shopping!! :) Here are a couple cute pictures.