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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Way to go Oregon!!!

This past Saturday we traveled with the Hagers and Tenbrinks to Purdue, for the Oregon vs. Purdue football game. We had such a blast! The trip down was a little challenging as Indiana was under some major floods. We saw playgrounds were the only thing you could see was the tops of the swing sets. Insane! Lucky we made it safely and there were no storms during the game!! It was HOT, but breezy thank God.

We have become big Duck Fans due to the fact that Jared went there and then found the love of his life Brynne who also went to Oregon. Brynne grew up right outside of Portland so she's the real deal. ;)

The game couldn't have been more fun. It was a nail biter for sure! Oregon ended up winning in double over time, which made it all the better!! I was in shock at how many Ducks fans traveled to be at this game. Jared said there is a good turn out at most away games, which is so cool. We parked by people that drove!! Incredible.

Here are some picture from the game. Thank you goes to Brynne and Jared for the pictures. I didn't bring my camera....yeah I know. What is wrong with me. :) The weather was calling for Thunderstorms, so I didn't want to chance it.