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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Good Having You Home Grandma!!

All of your prayers are working!!!

After a little scare and a trip back to the hospital, my Mom is home for good now. After my last post, my Mom came home but her stay was very short. Not even 24 hours to be exact. There was a complication with the pain medications that were prescribed and her BP meds, and she fainted at home. Luckily my Dad was right there to help, and the doctors were on the phone immediately. They told my Dad to get my Mom to the hospital right away. After everything was regulated, she was feeling much better. In fact after her second day back in the hospital, a little more of her vision came back!! The more and more this happens only makes my Moms spirits better. They sent her home after a few more nights. :) So you can see why it's GOOD TO BE HOME!

Now it's time to RELAX. There will be no running around, cooking, shopping, CLEANING, or any of that business (which is driving my Mom nuts of course). That's what her family and friends are for!! :) Maddie is a big help, not only with the house (I know you're thinking child labor laws) but she helps with just making my Mom smile. You can see how thankful my Mom is to be here with us and be able to kiss her granddaughter. God truly is wonderful.

Phone calls are welcome!! I know my Mom would love to hear from you all! Thank you all again for the thoughts and prayers. There truly is power in it.

Not to happy camper...

Do I really need to type anything for this picture??
This is every two year old when they are told no. :)
Still so sweet.