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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Update on Jamie

A quick update on Papa Hos:

Jamie had the "filter" procedure last evening to help stop any blood clots that may try to move. That procedure went very well, and very quickly. He has begun small amounts of blood thinners at this time, but will received a high dosage after he has surgery tomorrow due to any bleeding that could occur. Yes he has to go through surgery too. He is strong so we know he will be a trooper. The "mass" that was found on Jamie's kidney is cancerous so his kidney will be removed tomorrow afternoon at 2PM. Well, I should say "they are very certain" it's cancer, but of course they can't say for sure until it is checked after it's out. They said due to it's matter, size and it being on the kidney it looks very much like a cancerous tumor. I guess cancer on the kidneys can reoccur very often that it is procedure to just remove it totally. We completely trust Dr. Fawcet and the staff that is attending to this, so out it comes.

Although this was not something he ever expected, he is taking it very well. He is a fighter and for all of you that know him, heck even have met him once, you would know that. We are so thankful for the wonderful Spectrum staff that are taking such good care of him. With prayers and steady hands he will be back to his good ole self soon. :) He will most likely be in the hospital receiving the blood thinners for a week. Please keep the prayers coming not only for Jamie for the entire family. This has been quite the year.

Love you all! I will post something after the surgery.