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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Update on my Mom

First off, a HUGE thank you to everyone for the wonderful comments, thoughts and prayers. I have told my Mom about all of the notes from here, e-mails and texts to her, and she is very thankful and overwhelmed. I'm telling you, even when she went through the car accident three years ago and now this, she is still shocked that so many people care THIS much about her. My Mom has always been extremely humble. So, I promised her I would say THANK YOU to you all. :)

I didn't really give much detail in my first note, because I was on the Hospital PC and there was a huge line. My laptop only had so much juice left. :) The surgery was a success because they were able to remove the largest of the two tumors. The surgeon actually didn't think we was going to be able to do even that, because when he made the incision, her brain herniated. (no details needed there I'm assuming) So when this happened, they actually worked for hours trying to decrease the swelling of her brain and get it back in without damage. Once he was successful with that ( and apparently there were some thoughts they he wasn't going to be able-Insert GODs hands) he was able to lift the lower left lobe and remove the large tumor. I firmly believe that it was God that allowed the surgeon to make that last gutsy call and have to courage to do it. He actually made the comment that he was going to just get the swelling under control and close her up without removing it, because of the danger. Someone helped him, I'm certain of it. :) The second smaller tumor is not removable due to it's location on the brain stem. The surgeon made a comment to us about possibly using radiation at some point to stunt the growth. That is WAY down the road and is kind of an after thought right now. That tumor is much smaller that the one that was removed. The removed tumor was the size of an egg. Yikes. She had 5 hours of recovery and was moved to the ICU where she spent the last couple of days.

Yesterday my Mom was moved from the ICU to the Nero Science Unit, still at the downtown campus. Lets just say, it was like going from a 5 start hotel to a 1 star motel. ;) She just kinda giggled at how pampered she was in the ICU. Not that she isn't getting amazing care, as of course she is, but the room is tiny and she shares it. Hopefully it won't be her home for long. The surgeon told her and my Dad that she should be able to come home by Monday or Tuesday. YEH!! She is feeling much better. The extremely bad headache is subsiding due to the pressure of the swelling going down. Her eyesight is still being a little funny. She has extreme blind spots. If you stand in front of her and she moves her head to the left a little you are cut right down the middle. She has been told that is should improve or go back somewhat. We are hoping for a fully recovery of course.

Thanks again to everyone and keep those prayers come'n!!! Love to you all.