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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Madilyn's Baptism

A huge thank you goes out to all that were at Madilyn's Baptism. It was such a wonderful day for Maddie and having family and friends there made it all the better. A new life has started for her, as she became part of the Christian family today. Even with a ear infection, she was such a trooper. Uncle Dan and Aunt Rebekah took on a huge task today in becoming Madilyn's Godparents. We can't thank them enough for being the role models that she will need in future.

Here are few great pictures of today's events. A four generation photo, of my Grandmother, my mother, Maddie and myself, so so special. Another of Madilyn and her Grandpa Hosford making silly faces. :) One of the proud Godparents, Rebekah and Dan. Of course the action shot, which she did very well I might add. Not a tear! In fact, she bent backwards to go into the water! And then of our family.