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Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

We have a great day yesterday, celebrating Father's Day. Maddie gave Tom a practice golf chipping net and cards in the morning and I "made" breakfast...(aka McDonalds). Then we were off to my parents for swimming and a grill out. The kids had so much fun in the pool, and the adults had great conversation. My Dad loved his gift of a deck "cooler/bar" from my sister's family and us and was surprised for sure. :) We then went over to Tom's Dad to celebrate LOTS of things. Here's the list:
Austin's Birthday June 13th
Father's Day June 15th
Our 6th Wedding Anniversary June 15th
My Birthday June 16th
Katie and Austin's Anniversary June 18th

Yeah...LOTS to be thankful and great full for. It was a wonderful time. Thanks for all the goodies everyone, you know I love them! :D

Here are some pictures of yesterday...the only one that is missing is one of TOM AND MADDIE...I can not believe all day I didn't get that shot. Grrrr....