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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


For some REALLY AWESOME news about Dan and Tracy Hosford please click on the following link:

Snuggling with Grandpa Fanning

Here is a wonderful Picture of Maddie snuggling with my Dad. She is truly blessed to have four wonderful Grandparents, five Great-Grandparents, and One Great-Great-Grandmother. Amazing! She is very loved.

Where's Maddie???

One of Madilyn's newest things is "finding" anyone who calls her name. She will be across the room and if you get on the floor and say "Where's Maddie??" she will totally halt, turn around and make a straight line to you. Crawl like crazy to get to you and then she'll take your hands down. Kind of saying "Here I am!!" Sooooo sweet. Here are three pictures that sort of tell the story...