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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Best Gift

I took these last week, just having fun. Can't get much better than this for a Mother's Day Gift. :) Smiles and silly faces.

Happy Mother's Day

I had such a wonderful Mother's Day!! Maddie gave me a gift certificate to Celebration Cinemas to see all the movies I want to see this summer! :D I'm not sure how she drove there and paid for it, but I guess that doesn't matter. ;)

We took my parents to Grill 111 for a wonderful brunch and then relaxed at their home for the afternoon. We then went over to Tom's Mom's home to celebrate!! :) What a great day!

There is nothing like being a just can't explain it. I am so very thankful for Maddie and the chance God has given me to the best Mom possible. I am also so very thankful for my own Mother. She has shown me what it means to care and raise a child. Thank you so much Mom you are my inspiration.

Here are some fun pictures from yesterday.