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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Madilyn's Blood/Health Update

Well, it's been 19 months since our scare with Madilyn's health. That was absolutely the most frightening time in our lives. Our little trooper went through so much with blood draws every other day, blood transfusions and just DRAMA. We are so glad that she won't remember any of it.

On Tuesday, Maddie had an appointment with her pediatric hematologist and got a clean bill of health!! :) We are so thrilled!! She was finally diagnosed with an incompatibility with my blood. The issue is actually with Tom's blood and my blood, and she being half Tom and half me, and our blood mixing was the issue. In reality, it's Tom and I that aren't "compatible", go figure!! :) So there is a chance with any other children we have to have similar issues, but we know ahead of time now. It won't be so life threatening as it was with Madilyn. Thank God. Anyway, we are just so happy to have this news that I wanted to share. I didn't take pictures or anything, but thought this was a cute one of her at bath time. :)

Little Sweeties

So I stole this picture from Tracy and Dan's blog because I don't have one of myself and these two little sweeties. :) Thanks Tracy! Aren't they cute???