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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mom's coming home!!

Just a quick post to let you all know that my Mom is coming home today!! She has a long recovery of course, but we are just glad to have her home. An in home therapist will be coming over to help her. They will be working on compensating for the loss of vision and will be working on her reading. That is what is frustrating her the most I think. She is not able to read at this point. She sees letters, but due to the vision, he can't put them together to make a word. All of you that really know my Mom, know that reading is a huge passion of hers, and she proof reads EVERYTHING. :) Obviously she is so thankful to be alive that she is more then willing to re-learn these things. It's just a tough thing to go through. I got her a couple books on CD's to keep her busy. :)

I know that she would love to see so many of you, so please feel free to call and or stop by. Company and conversation is what is keeping her from going nuts these days. She can't read to pass the time; watching T.V. is extremely hard to do and staring into space just isn't all that fun. :) So, please take the time to stop by if you can. :)

Thanks again everyone you are the best!!