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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tigers Baby!

Ok, so I am the first to admit that I have never really been that big of a baseball fan. Let me restate that. Until this past Saturday ( with the exception of one inning of a White Caps game 8 years ago) I have never been to a entire baseball game in my life, let alone screem for a professional team. :)

On Saturday, Tom, Jason, Johanna and myself packed up around noon and headed East for Detroit to see the Tigers play the Kansas City Royals. Maddie was at Grandma and Grandpa Hosfords for the weekend. When we arrived the weather, was lets just say less then stellar. :) Cold, rainy and just bla. That didn't stop the fun! :) Not with the four of us, that's for sure

The game started off...not so good. An hour and a half rain delay...thank God for beer. :) We were down 0-7 in the first inning. Yeah, not so good. We had AMAZING seats though ( thanks to Johanna's awesome ebay'n skills), right behind the catchers mound, 17 rows up. Of course we ate everything that you could possibly get at a baseball game, and if I listed it all you would probably get sick. My only "rule" was that I had to have peanuts and cracker jacks ( cheesy I know, but I don't care). Even with Johanna's signs for Carlos Guillen ( who gave her a wave and a nod) and all the screeming, the Tigers ended up losing a sad game that night.

We woke up on Sunday, ready to head out and starting talking...If the Tigers won THIS game they would clinch the AL Central. Something they have not done in 20 some years...and since we were already alllllll the way over there...we should GO. :) We walked to Comerica Park for the second day in a row and found the "nicest man" that just happen to be "selling" tickets outside the park. :) The signs for the day before we tossed as we didn't think we were going to another game so Johanna made her own...see picutures below...yuck. :)

We ended up getting great seats and sitting through a LONG game. We ALMOST won it...but I won't get into that. Grrr...12 innings later, another loss. But it was a great weekend, so much fun. I am now a true baseball fan. Not as big as Johanna, but I just might strive to get there someday.