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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Meeting Bobby Hull

On Saturday Tom and I were off to Frankenmuth for Casey Munger's wedding. Maddie stayed at my sister Liz's house for Saturday night and into Sunday morning. Maddie had quite an exciting day. She met Bobby Hull, a hockey All -Star. He took the Chicago Blackhawks to a Stanley Cup victory in his 1968-1969 season. His son Brett Hull, was a huge player of the Detroit Red Wings. Very cool!! Bobby came to visit because my brother-in-law and his neighbor submitted their home ice rink into a competition and won. Bobby spent the day and signed autographs for fans of all ages....Maddie probably being the youngest. :)

Here is a great picture of Mr. Hull, my sister Liz and Madilyn. The other photo is of Maddie and my brother-in-law Nick with the rink in the background.