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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Day with Aunt Katie and Uncle Austin

On Wednesday Maddie got to play with Aunt Katie and Uncle Austin all day. My sister Liz who usually watched Maddie on Wednesday stayed home sick with the nasty flu thatis going around. Katie and Austin came to the rescue. I wasn't here to get a photo of Katie, but here is one of Austin and Maddie. There were also visits from Aunt Kellie, Both Grandmas and Grandpa Hosford. It was quite a day!! Not to mention Uncle Austin's "diaper duty." Sorry about that Uncle Austin!!!

A star is born.

This is Maddie's Jackie-O look. A nice look for the spring we think. :)

The One and Only Fanning Trait

Well, we all know that Madilyn has inherited a great deal of her looks from her Father...but she got one of my genes for sure!!! :) Look at that tongue!!!