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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Soooo Determined...

Here is a neat picture of Madilyn working hard to pick a toy up off of the couch. She has started to stick her tongue out while working hard at something. So cute.

Aunt Tracy's Birthday Picnic

A rainy sunday afternoon, but still much fun! We spent Sunday afternoon at Townsend Park celebrating Tracy's Birthday. Her actual Birthday was April 16th. We met Jonah Carlson for the first time. What a sweetie. Here's a wonderful picture of Tracy holding her nephew and one of Maddie and Jonah. There is also a picture of Tom and they look alike...weird. :) The last is a GREAT picture of Maddie and her Uncle Dan. Maddie has a tough time once in a while, figuring out which one is Dad and which one is Uncle Dan. :)