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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Arrrrrrrrgggg!! We love computers!!!

So, our computer has been on the fritz since before we left for spring break and was just finished yesterday. I have been spending time doing pictures from our wonderful vacation ALL NIGHT and I'm not even half way done. AHHH!! :)

We had SUCH a wonderful time in Gulf Shores and sure hated coming back to the cold weather. Maddie of course just LOVED the sand and the pool. She spent tons of time in the warm indoor pool and then down at the beach. I am going to post a few of the shots I have thus far....bare with me people...we are lucky I have not thrown this computer at the wall. :) One is of the Blue Angels, which are located in Pensacola. They are worth the early morning drive for sure. Another shot is of some dolphins WAY out that I took it from our deck, hence the grain of the shot. It was still amazing to see them. I'm not sure Maddie knew what we were all shouting at. :)

I will continue with more pictures tomorrow and get some of Easter on here as well. I feel like I have not in the blogging world in YEARS! :)