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Thursday, May 03, 2007


Madilyn is 23 months now and says just about anything. She not only is a chatter box but actually makes sense most of the time!! :) She can count to ten (skipping 5 from time to time) and sometimes all the way up to twenty on her own. She recognizes all of the letters of the alphabet and says the ABC song pretty good now. She knows tons of colors, pink of course being her favorite. She sure is a smarty, lets just hope she keeps it up through school!! :)

The most amazing thing is her memory. It truly shocks me with the things she remembers. Like..."Maddie can you spell your name?" and she says "yup, M.A.D.D.D.D.I.E YEAH!!!!" Yes, she spelled it out, with a few added D's. ;) But the funny thing is, I told her that ONCE. One time! This means she is remembering EVERYTHING we say, do and show her. Time to make sure we watch our mouths at all times!! :)
That's whats new in our house right now.