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Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Mom's Surgery

I wanted to post something about my Mom's surgery, as so many of you have been praying and calling me. :) I haven't been able to get to my voice mails, so I'm sorry about not returning your many calls. My Mom's surgery was 4ish hours and a few twists and turns. With out all of the details right now, the end results is that they removed the largest tumor. They are not going to be able to remove the smaller of the two due to it's location. She is doing pretty well. She has lost some vision, that they Nero surgeon says should come back. She is it the Surgical Critical Care Unit at the Butterworth campus, downtown. We are not sure how long she will be in here, hopefully she can get a room in the cranial wing very soon. My Mom wants me to thank you all so very much for the thoughts and prayers. She would really like to wait until at least Friday to have visitors. Perhaps she won't have to be on so meds by then. She is a LITTLE spacey and feels funny talking to people. AKA, Good drugs. :)
I'll post more when there isn't a line for the hospital PC. Thanks everyone, we love you dearly.