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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 4th of July!! (Thanks Heins!)

We spent the Forth of July with our good friends Aaron, Brooke and Carson Hein. We crashed Brooke's parents home on Spring Lake (they are on an Alaskan Cruise) and grilled out. We had a wonderful time! Maddie just loved the ducks and walking on the dock. Carson is 8 months now and is such a doll. Crawling all over the place and pulling himself up. ( I think they'll have an early walker...) :) We stayed up for the fireworks there were actually in Grand Haven, but we could see them from the end of the dock. :) Maddie actually stayed up until then and was a basket case. :) She just got up from a three hour nap (thank God). :) Thank you so much Aaron and Brooke for hanging out and letting us stay!! Hugs and Love!

Grill out at Vander Walls

On Sunday we spent the afternoon at the Vander Walls for a Summer grill out. The 'Dan' Hosfords, VanSoests, Savickas's, Greendlands and Willsons were also there. Good food and great times. :) Here are some cute pictures from the afternoon. Maddie and Talen Wilson had a great time together. :)