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Thursday, November 01, 2007

BOO!! It's Halloween Time!

Of course we had a great day yesterday, being Halloween and all. :) It was a LONG but really fun day for Maddie. We went EVERYWHERE. Both Papa's work, Grandma Hosford's work, Aunt KelKel's, Daddy's, the Optech Department and NRMS. Grandma Fanning came with us all day. :) Then she went trick-or-treating at night. Needless to say, she was a little tuckered out in the end.

Madilyn originally wanted to be Darth Vader (yes, I said Darth Vader) I talked her out of that real quick, then it was Princess Leia. I tried to find Princess Leia costumes online for two months, and they were all sold out. She finally asked to be Cinderella, SOLD!! ;) She was a perfect Cinderella and couldn't have been sweeter all day. Thanks to everyone that stopped over last night and made the night a great one!!