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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Freaked out

Now that I am completely freaked out by the "anonymous" persons comment on my last post, I have taken down the flier. I obviously know that I have a little girl to protect and would never let anything happen to her. If you were the person that left the message, I would appreciate you just dropping me an e-mail and tell me you did so. I am sitting here thinking there's a creep out there that said it. Thank you.

By the way......for future comments, I HATE ANONYMOUS COMMENTS. if you don't want us to know who you are, you are not welcome to leave a comment.


The Bibler's said...

Wow...umm...yeah...whatever. We all know that you'd never put the Madster in danger, so it's all good! Hmmmm?

ANYWHO, we will be at the game, but I'd love to see the girls before we go! What time is soup?? :) Yummy!

Derek N said...

You know you can force people to register before they are allowed to virew your blog, also you can turn off anonymous comments.

Anonymous said...

She got that from the Fanning side. ;)

Unknown said...

What a cute princess!!