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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Painting Day

Maddie and I spent a great deal of the morning painting. AKA making a mess... :) That's the best kind of fun if you ask me. :) She painted about 20 pictures, one for everyone. Many of you will be getting a "One of a kind" print soon I'm sure.

I hope everyone is having a great fall weekend!!


Carlson's said...

beautiful artwork Maddie! Lauren, the top picture is amazing! She is beautiful.

The Bibler's said...

OMG...she looks so OLD and so much like Tom in that top picture (tearing up here!!). Great pics, and we PROMISE we'll take her to "Chihuahua" soon!!

Anonymous said...

Artful Messes....What could be better? Have you tried the special finger painting yet????
You're wonderful, Maddie. Love you bunches.