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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Afternoon at the Children's Museum

Tracy and I took the girls to the Grand Rapids Children's Museum today...what a riot. Maddie and Gracie obviously with the age difference, have very different types of "play" right now. :) Gracie sure does hold her own with the older kids I will say!! :) They had a ball with the bubble and the mirror. Of course the play kitchen was a huge hit. :) It's such a fun place to get these kiddos to get some energy out and they play so well together. Here are some fun shots from the day. Gracie wasn't so sure about the mirror tunnel at first, but ended up love'n it.

Update on Katie

I just talked to Austin and Katie is doing wonderfully! She didn't get much sleep last night as she was asked to get up and walk already!! Along with random walks, her vitals were taken all the time. Hopefully she can get some rest today. They told her walking will help the healing process that much quicker, so knowing Katie she'll be up and about. :) They have quite the facility at Blodgett, and she is getting great care. Fell better soon dear!!