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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rockford High School Athletic Hall of Fame

Last evening Tom, Dan, Donovan Reinhart and Amy Banfield were inducted into the Rockford High School Hall of Fame. Way to go you guys!!

I am so very proud of Tom for this incredible honor. He has done so many amazing things in his life thus far, and this is one to add to the list. :) Tom did a beautiful job accepting his award he moved me to tears. (yes, I know easy to do being pregnant but it's true) I have watched Tom play so many years of sports and couldn't be more proud of him. What I am most proud of is the amazing Husband and Father he is. From being my High School Sweetheart to my wonderful Husband, time spent on the field and many hours off, I know it has made him the man he is today. I Love you Tom.