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Monday, July 13, 2009

A little summer update

Time sure is a fly'n!!! :D I can't believe it's already the middle of, where does the time go.

Maddie is just a delight and growing to fast. Writing and drawing all the time, just loving this warm weather. Although when the sun is shining brightly she does complain a bit... :) She is honestly the the best big sister in the world....and I'm not just saying that. She takes such great care of Cru and thinks of him first always. It's really a wonderful thing to witness. :) We couldn't ask for more.

Cru is over 4 months now and is ALMOST rolling over. If he is ever put down, I'm sure he will. LOL...yeah, I love to hold him. Whatever, he's my last. :D He is charming and sweet as can be. He find Maddie just a riot, and laughs constantly as she giggles in front of him. I really think they will be friends. I'm sure feuding friends at times, but they sure show a great deal of love now...

We are sooooo enjoying Tom at home. Although GOLF has taken over our lives, it's still wonderful having him home. ;) Every week we seem to have at least one house showing, so that is keeping us busy as well. Here's hope'n we sell this summer!!!

We hope you all are enjoying these summer months and are taking time to relax. Hugs and love!