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Saturday, September 29, 2007


It's such a different experience now, going to a Grand Valley football game. Not only that it's been a few years since Tom and Dan graced the field, but now we really don't know any of the players. ( yes...Tom is getting THAT old) ;) Even with that said it's always so fun to watch the current Laker players have their turn and do such an amazing job. Tonight's game against Wayne State, was actually held at 53rd Ball Park, which was so fun. They had the whole "baseball" field set up as a football field and it worked out perfectly. Here are some fun shots from the night. Great job Lakers!!


Deb Keller said...

Love your photos, Martina. I think you are in the wrong profession... :) A priceless photo of Poppa Hos and Maddie, brought a tear to my eye!! Great game on Saturday and always a pleasure to see you and the family.

Enjoy your precious time with Tom -having healthy, happy parents is the best gift you can give to sweet Maddie.

Hit it big in Vegas -

Deb & Dave