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Monday, June 25, 2007

More prayers please...

Tom's Dad had an unexpected trip (and now stay) to the hospital today. He has been feeling kind of funny for a couple of weeks now; having a swollen ankle, on and off pain in his left arm and some aching in the chest. Well, this morning he thought he was having a serious heart attack and ended up at the Med center, only to be taken by ambulance to the ER. He thankfully was NOT having a heart attack but he did have two blood clots in his lungs causing this horrible pain. He was admitted right away, put on blood thinners and will have a procedure to put a "filter" of sorts near his heart to catch any clots. We are so thankful that the clots decided to head that way and not to the heart.

On another note, during the MRI he had they saw a mass on one of his kidneys. A biopsy will be taken of that while they are doing the other procedure. Obviously we are keeping positive about this, but MORE PRAYERS are needed. Jamie is doing well as he can, taking pain medication and being on total bed rest at the hospital. They suspect a 5-7 day stay.

Please pray for the entire Hosford Clan, this will be yet another hurdle we will jump.