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Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Many Moods Of Maddie

I had to share these funny pictures with you all. Today I was taking some random pictures of flowers and Maddie asked me to take some pictures of her. I ended up taking about 50 and they ALL made me laugh. I had to post a few. She may look like her Dad, but she gets her attitude from ME! :D


Jason, Johanna and Thys said...

Love you Maddie, thanks for the birthday call!! you're soooo sweet!!! And tell your mom not to let me drink toooo much tonight!!! CHEERS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can hardly wait for you to come over for the night, Maddie. We love you soooo much, even with your mommy's attitude!!!
Grandma F.

Anonymous said...

Lauren, the pictures of flowers are so beautiful. What a wonderful talent you have. Keep it up, gal!
Mama Mia

The Hansen's said...

LOVE the last one! Great shots:)

The Hall's said...

She's so cute!!!! Hey, a little attitude never hurt anyone! ;-)

Deb Keller said...

So cute Lauren... I love all of them and the last picture speaks for itself! LOVE the attitude - she is a natural top model!

I really enjoyed our time together last Thursday... let me know when you want to start League Night!

Cheers my sassy Catholic sistah!

Unknown said...


- L

Anonymous said...

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