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Saturday, September 29, 2007


It's such a different experience now, going to a Grand Valley football game. Not only that it's been a few years since Tom and Dan graced the field, but now we really don't know any of the players. ( yes...Tom is getting THAT old) ;) Even with that said it's always so fun to watch the current Laker players have their turn and do such an amazing job. Tonight's game against Wayne State, was actually held at 53rd Ball Park, which was so fun. They had the whole "baseball" field set up as a football field and it worked out perfectly. Here are some fun shots from the night. Great job Lakers!!

We'll miss you Maddie Poo

Tom and I are going to Las Vegas for a few days with Dan&Tracy, and Tom's Parents. Talk about a VERY hard decision. Of course we are really excited to go, but it's going to be tough leaving Maddie for that long. We have the best friends in the world watching her as well as my parents so we know she will be in good hands. We also have someone watching the house and Lilah, so that's also all set. Now, it's just time to relax and have fun. :) These are pictures from on the porch yesterday. :) See you all when we get home.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ram Fans

Even though Friday nights game against Hudsonville was loss, it was still an amazing game to watch and cheer on our Rams. Maddie is a HUGE Ram Fan and Brogan Biblers #1 Fan (sorry Aunt K.K., she told me she was #1) :) Maddie has so much fun running around and yelling "go Rams! and Go Brogan!!" :) She loves watching the band and LOVES her Daddy/daughter time walking up and down the track with Tom. Here are some cute pictures from last night.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Those darn bubbles!!!

We had dinner on the deck tonight, in the warm fall air. Maddie was itching to blow bubble though out the whole dinner. The sassy face is when we told her she couldn't blow bubbles and had to eat. The other is her trying to get the darn bubbles to come out!! :) Such a doll.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Congrats Curt and Lindsay!

On Saturday, I shot a wedding with Melissa and Tom went to Curt and Lindsay Anes Wedding. (that's why there aren't any ceremony pictures ;) After the wedding that we were working at, I was able to pop over to the Grand Rapids museum where the Anes' Reception took place. It was beautiful!! Of course Lindsay was stunning and Curt looked fabulous. :) Breden was looking cute as ever too. Here are a few pictures from the reception. Congrats and best of luck to you both!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day weekend at the Hagers Cottage

We spent the weekend up at the Hagers amazing cottage in Pentwater. As always, we had a wonderful time at the Lake. Great food, great cocktails and even better company. The Tenbrinks were also there. Maddie played with Garret, baby Anna, Addy (Jared and Brynne's little girl), Ava and Roman Hager ( Jeff and Tracy Hagers kids). So much fun. A huge thank you goes out to Ron and Nancy for sharing their beautiful home and for the great times.