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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Freaked out

Now that I am completely freaked out by the "anonymous" persons comment on my last post, I have taken down the flier. I obviously know that I have a little girl to protect and would never let anything happen to her. If you were the person that left the message, I would appreciate you just dropping me an e-mail and tell me you did so. I am sitting here thinking there's a creep out there that said it. Thank you.

By the way......for future comments, I HATE ANONYMOUS COMMENTS. if you don't want us to know who you are, you are not welcome to leave a comment.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

We FINALLY put the sign in the yard!!

Well... we FINALLY put a for sale sign in our yard. I'm sitting here regretting that fact that we didn't do this about 4 months ago, but we can't do anything about that now. :)

We SOOOO love this house and LOVE the location, we just need more room. Kids come with so much STUFF! :) If you know anyone that would be interested in our home, please drop me an e-mail.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Days...

Wow, these days have quickly become crisp and COLD! Burrrr!

Yesterday after Maddie's pre-school we went down town Rockford to take a few pictures. She was being a silly goose for a little while and then got COLD. At least we got a couple of Fall Pictures. :D

Happy FALL all!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Painting Day

Maddie and I spent a great deal of the morning painting. AKA making a mess... :) That's the best kind of fun if you ask me. :) She painted about 20 pictures, one for everyone. Many of you will be getting a "One of a kind" print soon I'm sure.

I hope everyone is having a great fall weekend!!

GVSU - Let's go BLUE!!

Last night we went to GVSU's Homecoming game, which had a heck of a turn out with over 14,000 people attending. Maddie was so great and really loves these games. She spends most of her time nestled up with her Papa watching the game. I can't believe how much she actually watches!! She did get a little sad when Gracie went home I will say... :) Those two are two peas in a pod. I didn't take many pictures last night, but I love these so I thought I'd share. Of course that's the adorable Hein family. :) Grand Valley ended up killing Hillsdale, but I don't know the final score. They smoked em, that's all I know. :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's a.....................................................

It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are very thrilled to share with you all that we are expecting a baby boy in March. :D WAHOOO! My official due date is March 6th. He looks so healthy and right on track. The placenta is growing well and is positioned perfectly which was a huge concern. Although I "knew" in my heart from the get go it was going to be a boy, it was still sooo much fun when she confirmed what we saw on the screen. We just might have a third generation Laker on our hands...

So for all of you who voted were you right or were you wrong....I'd like to know who thought what. :) Hugs to you all and thank you so much for your continued support and prayers.

Today's the big day...

So I have my Ultra sound apt. at 2pm today and we are hoping to find out the sex of the baby. :D We obviously do not have a preference at all, we are just thrilled to be at this point at all. We are having dinner with our families this evening to tell them and then I'll post something later tonight. :) So much fun!! We'll see if that poll turned out to be correct...